Sales-reps Efficiency · Business Potential · Competition Analysis

As part of setting up clients’ business strategies, we help them with market analysis, as well as the analysis of their sales team strengths and weaknesses. We encourage our clients not only to look at PivotTables in Excel but to gain a better geographic insight into the behavior of their sales team and the market.

Analytical maps from Corpis Maps help us with this. The maps can be prepared from the client’s data, or we can use an external database.

Using Corpis Maps to analyze a region can save you several hours a week.

About Corpis Maps...

How we work

Before the offer

  • We get in touch with you and during an online call, we find out your needs and expectations for the project
  • During the online meeting, we’ll show you what Corpis Maps can do and discuss how to apply it to your case
  • We prepare a proposal for you

Project preparation

  • During the online meeting, we will confirm the list of parameters to be analyzed and
  • You get access to the application


  • Confirming together the list of parameters to be analyzed
  • The initial data setup and a test version of the map
  • Give you access to it
  • Once agreed upon, we will convert everything into a live project

At the end

  • We train the users
  • Setting up the processes for manual updates in the pilot phase
  • If requested, together with the development team and your CRM vendor we prepare the CRM connection to Corpis Maps via API for the second phase
  • Handing over the automatic application update
  • For manual updates, we provide GPS coordinates according to the agreed frequency