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You rarely prepare a marketing campaign without additional support activities and tools. We know this, so we offer you additional options to increase your campaign effectiveness. It’s up to you.

  • Registration Microsite
  • Help in Creating Emails or Newsletters for a Specific Campaign
  • Google Analytics of your Web
  • Keywords Analysis
  • PPC Advertising in the Google Search, Banner, or Video Network
  • Google Data Studio Dashboard with an Up-to-date Web Information


Our customers often need a simple “landing page” for a new campaign. Perhaps because, as a branch of an international company, they have no control over their own company websites. We simply purchase an agreed domain for the client, create a registration page for the event, a basic description of the product, and provide a site certificate for better rankings from search engines.


However, the certificate is only the first step for the necessary SEO. If our clients need more lasting results or their pages do not work as intended, we can also help with SEO. We support the client to improve the web texts according to the required keywords. We analyze all on-page and off-page factors.

Web Analytics Tools from Google

However, for some of our clients, the setup of the website is just an initial step. They want to keep track of what’s going on on their site. And they want to know that everything works as they planned. Therefore, we set goals for these customers and measure visitor activity using Google Tag Manager. We prepare the Google Data Studio dashboard to collect all needed data so that clients without the knowledge of the tools have a constant overview of the metrics that they need.