• We have finally found the right partner ...

    "We have finally found the right partner who understands our needs. LEADMACHINE is constantly looking for ways to help us generate the results, while simplifying our work as much as possible. LEADMACHINE does not only generate new business opportunities for but also provide an advice on a local market requirements. Peter's experience working in a global corporate company is a real asset when discussing and planning new telemarketing campaigns. We are very glad to collaborate with LEADMACHINE in future."


    Michal Wojdat, Regional Marketing Manager – Industry Reg. Central
    Essity Professional Hygiene

  • Able to communicate the value...

    "When two people do the same thing, it's not the same thing. LEADMACHINE proves it. For us, it is the only supplier on the Czech and Slovak market that is able to communicate the value of products and solutions to different industries. We have been working with them for several years. I recommend them."

    Marek Svoboda, Territory Marketing Manager, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, South-Eastern Europe 

  • Exceeded our expectations...

    "The benefits of the cooperation exceeded our expectations. LEADMACHINE's services are provided at a very high level and thanks to their professionalism and commitment, the leads become real customers. So if you intend to develop opportunities for your company, working with LEADMACHINE will be the most beneficial investment for you."

    Nada Imrich, BDM for Microsoft Business Applications

  • Reveal customer needs beyond the campaign...

    "What we value most about LEADMACHINE is its ability to deal with potential customers in a technically erudite manner. They are able to uncover the customer's needs, even if they are outside the scope of the original campaign. Leads negotiated in this way are well and effectively followed up with negotiations to offer specific services or solutions."

    Tomáš Čurda, Business Development Manager

  • A highly professional approach with an extremely fast learning curve...

    "Working with Peter's team, it was clear from the start that this was a highly professional approach with an extremely fast learning curve. This has allowed us to get quality leads quite quickly, even in a specific industry such as industrial parts washing where you need to demonstrate good technical knowledge when communicating with customers."

    Martin Kalina, Area Sales Manager CZ

  • Communication and approach was at a high level...

    "From the beginning of the collaboration, Iva's communication and approach was at a high level. The training itself was very pleasant, conducted in a pleasantly friendly atmosphere. The level of knowledge and especially the different perspectives from the practice itself were very inspiring. Based on this experience, we plan to repeat the training."


    Vladimír Bárta, co-owner

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