Sales growth · Best sales team · Building a growing company

We set a business strategy with our clients. While helping to prepare methodologies, together with the client we put all this into practice. We can also help to define a pipeline or set up indirect sales if needed.

Building a business or improving business results cannot be done without a team of people. That’s why we teach team leaders how to get the most out of their team. How to motivate or create a sense of loyalty in their business colleagues.

We also help the owners of a company in significant growth to build the internal structure to the next level?


How We Work

Before the Offer

  • During the first contact and online call, we try to explore your initial needs and expectations
  • A simple offer is prepared for you, where we will suggest the main goals for the first phase
  • Form of our support is suggested

Project Preparation

  • Together we agree on the length of the first phase project, the individual steps, and the frequency of meeting
  • KPIs of the project and other rules are defined


  • We meet online or at your place

End of the Project

  • Together we evaluate the results
  • Alternatively, we plan further goals and forms of development

What to Expect

Things we agree on. These may include:

  • Creating a relevant sales plan
  • Control / Implementation of value-oriented KPIs / cover contribution
  • Setting up a motivation system for remuneration within the company’s distribution channel
  • Direct sellers vs. partners / resellers
  • Setting up a reporting system and its evaluation in the context of existing or planned IT / SW equipment
  • MBO (Management By Objectives) vs.% KPIs ratings
  • Definition of corporate strategy
  • Definition of the Mission and Vision of the company
  • Business Scorecard – it’s setting in relation to business strategy
  • Corporate culture and its change
  • Crisis management
  • Controlling


When needed, we train our clients (or their sales teams) in business skills or communication. We always prepare the training for a specific client.

  • Business process
  • First addressing of new clients
  • More efficient management of business meetings
  • Working with key customers to create an action plan
  • How to process a so-called Business Case for a potential client
  • Target groups of customers – setting up communication with them
  • Sales psychology
  • Negotiation
  • Response to objections
  • Closing a deal