Import of leads into your CRM · API connection to the selected CRM · CRM rental for MQL management


It has been our experience that sales reps do not handle well the sales opportunities that have arisen from acquisition campaigns. The main problem is that they do not update information about their activities and customer appointments. Sales management then has no visibility of what is happening in the field and cannot make a good estimate of their own pipeline.

Whether this is a problem due to your own overly complex CRM system, or because you’re just taking leads from acquisition campaigns in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, we have a solution for you. We recommend processing leads (i.e. MQL contacts) in the CRM system.

  1. Daily import leads into your CRM. The import can be done by your CRM specialist or by us. Due to the low setup costs, it is also suitable for small or pilot projects.
  2. Automated connection to your CRM system via API. With our partner, we will set up a connection from our PBX to call into your CRM. This approach is suitable for large projects if your existing CRM solution suits you.
  3. Rental of our CRM solution FLOWii. Once the campaign is closed, all leads or just selected opportunities can be exported and transferred to your system. This is convenient if you don’t want to fill your own CRM system with a list of companies that weren’t interested. The setup and running costs are also low. Therefore, it’s also good for pilots and smaller projects.

We import our own leads to FLOWii on a daily basis for our internal projects. That’s why we know what we are able to offer:

  • Continuously add closed communication records from acquisition calls to the CRM
  • Create a Sales opportunity or a Contract record
  • Assign them to your sales reps according to the agreed rules
  • Assign them tasks for contacting the customer
  • This can be combined with the creation of calendar appointments