The efficiency of coverage – Quality of support in regions – Analysis of service partners
We help our clients to improve the quality of service support. For this, we use Corpis Maps analytical maps, which are prepared from client data.
Let us identify areas that need to be improved and help you better plan and manage your operations in the regions, which can lead to improved service quality for your customers.
With analytical maps, you can identify areas with high demand for certain services and consider, for example, opening a new service center in that area. The maps can help you find areas with poor service quality faster, track the movement of inventory and goods across regions, and enable better distribution planning.
Analytical maps can help you to identify that complaints about poor service quality are more frequent in a particular area and start to address this problem, for example by better planning of service calls. Control the use or sharing of spare parts equipment between centers.
Using Corpis Maps to analyze regions can save you several hours a week.