Arranging business meetings · Invitations to events · Sending samples · Offer of additional B2B products or services

Looking for a way to easily generate demand and create leads in the Czechia and Slovakia? You can sell your products and services in English, but you need some to do the first cold call in Czech or Slovak to open the doors. We know how difficult is to justify a sales headcount for small markets like Czech or Slovak. Hire an experienced communication agency with English speaking project manager and get your pipeline the needed boost.

Telephone communication is a great business marketing tool in B2B. It is well measurable, with greater success than online campaigns, and you are in closer contact with the client. In addition, you can work with clients on a regular basis in this way. Telephone communication for B2B is not mere telemarketing, where the operator offers you the best price on the market. It is about communicating the value and uniqueness of your product or service.

Our clients are from various areas. We very often work in the fields of Production and manufacturing; Building, Architecture & Design; or Software Companies. However, we are not afraid of any other B2B markets.

Don’t feel like reading? Watch a short video to see how we work.

What to Expect


One operator typically completes 20 phone calls a day. That means about 300 calls made per month.


5% – 20% success rate in arranging meetings. It depends on the main goal, database, and uniqueness of the offer.


Re-touching the target group with another campaign, while making use of the contact communication history, can increase the success rate of the original database.

How We Work

Before the Offer

  • Contacting you and during the online call, we will discuss your needs and expectations
  • Confirmation of the suitability of telephone communication for your project
  • Price offer, including project concept
  • Agreeing to the form o reporting and data transfer

Project Preparation

  • Launching a campaign, including other supporting tools
  • Monitoring the campaign results and comparing them with the plan
  • You can supervise the operator and see for yourself how the prepared script works
  • If necessary, we modify the process and retrain operators
  • Sending you leads and progress reports or uploading everything to the CRM system

End of the Campaign

  • Uploading the final data back to your CRM or pass it in the required form
  • We deliver the final report