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Outsourcing customer care over the phone helps customers to resolve their questions and complaints quickly. This leads to greater customer satisfaction, a better relationship, and loyalty to you as a supplier.

In urgent cases, there is a tendency for customers to simply resolve everything over the phone. And for such support, you need sufficient capacity with the right processes in place.


Product or Service Information

Providing potential customers with information about your products or services, including features, benefits, and – where possible – pricing.

Order Processing

Order processing over the phone. We’ll enter these orders into your system and forward them for fulfillment or distribution. For more complex cases, we can customize a standardized quote to send to the customer and continue to communicate with them until the order is closed.

Technical Support

Helping your customers on the phone with basic technical questions, and product or service issues. For example, with setup or installation.


External Assistant on the Phone – Backoffice

We will answer and resolve calls for you on the main company line as well as handle emails that arrive in your inbox. We will process the relevant cases and pass them on as needed.



Lower Costs

Cheaper than building and maintaining your own team. For small and medium-sized companies, this is a big advantage.

Concentration on Core Activities

Allows you to focus on your core business and improving your products or services. You don’t have to worry about creating and managing your own customer care team.

Flexibility and Scalability

Faster response to changes in customer demand and needs. With an in-house team, hiring or letting go of employees is a lengthy process.


How We Work

Before the Offer

  • We get in touch with you and during the online call, we find out your needs and expectations from the project
  • Prepare a quote that also includes a more detailed description of how we work

Project Preparation

  • Together we define the main objectives
  • Study your products or services
  • Train our operators
  • Process everything in your company system


  • Start the test mode
  • If necessary, we modify process components and train operators
  • Switch to standard customer support mode
  • Continuously monitor the results
  • Through listening sessions, you can see for yourself how the communication works